hakuna matata
Sport person in Norden-Westfalen

Hello, where’s my crew? I live around Munster. Buddy for crossfit or gym sessions (olympic weightlifting)?

look no further. there's a whole bunch of us here

awesome Horst! Do you attend regularly as a group of hardcore fans all of the matches? how about the next one? :) 

Eintracht Frankfurt Fan

looking for an Eintracht Frankfurt Fan!

Hi there, I just saw your post (from 2 years ago haha) and I was wondering if you could still get an Ali Krieger jersey? My girlfriend is a huuuuge fan. Just let me know!! Thanks!! -Lindsay

Hi Lindsay, 

tell your Ali Krieger fan that I’m sorry but she’s a little bit too late. Frankfurt is just not selling her jerseys anymore! What a shame, have a great one anyway, ciao! 

morning exercisings

morning exercisings

How do I begin to explain Serena Williams?

Nike+ challenge!

anybody who thinks they can outrun a tennis pro, now you’ve got the chance..so who’s up for a challenge? I can’t wait to prove you all wrong!

#makeitcount 2013

(my nike+ screen name: boast11)

How much is a jersey itself?

69 EUR, 

color: black, white, red

Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris: jerseys

To all desperate fans of Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris. I live in Germany, I can buy you all the jerseys you wish! :D I will ship it to your lovely homes. PRICE: the actual price of jesresy + 30$ shipping and you do not have to pay additional tax :) OK, think of it bitches, you are welcome!